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How do you write an entire review about a pair of pants?

Well, let me tell you, women’s tactical pants must meet a long list of criteria to be considered worthy of my bottom half going inside them. They have to be comfy. They have to be slightly stretchy all over for that nice fit. They have to fucking look good. They have to be the right length. The hip-to-waist circumference ratio can’t be too big – there’s nothing worse than a waistline cutting off circulation to your vital organs while giving you a grade A case of muffin top. Did I mention they have to look good? I mean like I want to still look like a female from 100 yards. I don’t work out this booty for nothing, naw mean? And of course, like any tactical clothing, they have to be heavy duty for hard use.

First Tactical makes the Women’s Tactix Pants that are oh-so all of these things!

Let’s talk about the fit. I ordered a size 2 and a size 4 in regular length. For reference ladies, I am 5’5, about 120 lbs, and almost completely curve-free, but I make it work. I typically wear a 2, but not if it’s cut small. When my pants arrived I tried on both sizes… twice. The size 4 was roomy and comfy but not as fitted as I like. The size 2 was ever-so-slightly tight in the rear… (that’s what she said)… but I decided that other than this point they fit less like pajamas and they looked a lot better. And for training, fitted clothing performs better.

Here’s what First Tactical has to say about the “advanced women’s fit.” I totally love that they have a name for it.

First Tactical’s Advanced Women’s Fit addresses the specific needs of women’s tactical clothing by providing a contoured cut for a specialized solution.


Constructed uniquely for women, the contoured cut curves for an ideal fit around the hips and upper leg, and a self-adjusting, flex action waistband facilitates maximum flexibility and comfort in active scenarios.

The fit really is great. They hug my hips, butt and thighs rather than being cut straight down to the floor. The length is perfect (for me) and the waistband circumference isn’t too small. Seriously, it’s my total peeve when a size 2 pair of pants is cut with a 24″ waist. Not to mention, no one wears tactical pants around their waistline anyway. Can you imagine?

These pants have some rad-iculous pockets without any stupid buttons. Pockets so deep they’ll put your ass to sleep. They also have extra belt loops, which I love, and … AND… YOU CAN PUT THE KNEE PADS IN FROM THE OUTSIDE. Sorry, not sorry, other company I’m not going to name right now. I don’t wear pants and tell.

The First Tactical pants performed great on a day out on the range. The fabric is really cool (like opposite of warm). They also really do look good- or at least I felt like I looked good. ;) The design is just perfect and designers were very attentive to little details like the embroidered logo, the stay-flat pockets, and of course the fitted cut.

Looks like we have us another Double Feed seal of approval!

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