Good Stories For Good Friday

There are no shortage of stories covering public safety professionals doing good things. For Good Friday this year the First Tactical Blog team wanted to present some of our favorites from around the internet:

Birthday Party Saved Two Ways

When a Florida family’s house caught fire during their daughter’s birthday party first responders were quick to the scene. Among the damaged property was the little girl’s “Frozen” themed birthday cake. Quick to respond, Tampa’s Officer Baranowski, Officer Lopes and Sergeant DeSmith were back on the scene with a new cake and posted a great shot to their department’s Facebook page:

Real Life Action Movie

There is always that scene in action movies where the hero slides under a closing door or moves at just the right moment. Florida SeaPort Security Marine Deputy Primmer found himself in a similar situation when two women fell off a jet ski and were pushed by the waves into the path of an oncoming cruise liner. With just seconds to act, Deputy Primmer pulled the women into his boat as the cruise ship barrelled down on them. Patrons on the cruise liner were able to film the events, although lacking the dramatic Hollywood music, the video is quite intense and viewers see just how close the ship came to Deputy Primmer and his boat.


Probably Still A Cat’s Fault

We’ve all heard the stories of firefighters rescuing cats but the story was turned on its head a bit when a Buffalo firefighter recently saved a pet parrot from a tree. The pet’s owners told the local FD that their bird Champ (not at climbing amirite…) had been stuck in the tree for hours and was unable to get down on its own. The flightless bird was quickly rescued by the local department and given back to his owners exhausted and unharmed.

The questions remains, how did a bird that doesn’t fly get to a tree 40 or 50 feet in the air?

Trying To Play Pokémon In Peace

A young man in California’s Bay Area was just trying to play Pokémon in peace, unfortunately he was walking in a rather rough area and was grazed by a stray bullet in a hit-and-run shooting. Luckily the bullet grazed his leg and did no lasting damage. When officers and EMTs arrived to the scene the young man was understandably shaken up and was appalled when officers asked him if he was involved. He began screaming at everyone who would listen he was “Just playing Pokémon” and “trying to catch a Charizard”. The officers quickly understood and took him to the hospital.

A few days later the officers who responded to the call met up with the young man and took him down to the local pier to catch Pokémon because deep down we are all just trying to catch a Charizard.

Giving The Shoes Off His Feet

Kent Green a police officer in Mesa, Arizona is an avid fan of running marathons and has been for quite some time. Quietly, Officer Green has been donating his slightly used shoes (marathoners go through countless numbers of shoes) to those in need for years. One day he discovered a man looking for bottles and cans in a dumpster, fearing for his safety Officer Green quickly asked the man to get out and discovered he had no shoes on. As was tradition, Officer Green walked to the trunk of his vehicle to retrieve a pair of shoes gave them to the man. The day would’ve been like any other encounter for him except a woman at a nearby business saw the encounter and took photos of it and posted it on her social media channels.

The image quickly went viral and Officer Green became an internet sensation of sorts. In an interview Officer Green gave a great quote that reflects the good deeds that public safety professionals do throughout the country.

“I just hope [this] brings a little positivity to police and what they do behind the scenes every day, every night,” Green said. “It’s not particular to Mesa, it’s not particular to Arizona. It’s everywhere.”

For more great stories of good people doing amazing things visit sites such as The Good Cop Stories Facebook Page, BlueLivesMatter, The Huffington Post, and Firefighter and EMS Stories.

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