Motus Covers The Scorpion Knife

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by Zach Berning

Looking for a compact backup knife? Check out the newly released Scorpion Knife Tanto ($39.99) from First Tactical. Made of AUS8 steel, the Scorpion Knife Tanto features a modified tanto blade with lightweight, skeletonize handle. According to First Tactical, the Scorpion was designed to be “… the ideal backup knife or boot knife and a perfect addition to your everyday carry needs.”

First Tactical Scorpion Knife TantoThe Scorpion Knife Tanto features a “Index Finger Pull Locator” at the base. The index finger locater is strategically placed and easily found allowing users to quickly deploy the knife when in need. The knife measures 4.92 inches long overall and has a 1.22 inch blade. It weighs 2.8 ounces with the sheath, and 1.6 ounces without.

First Tactical Scorpion Knife TantoOne of the cool things about the Scorpion Knife Tanto is the included FRN molded sheath. The sheath mounts to a belt or a boot, but can also be worn around the neck. The sheath’s clip is adjustable and can be mounted for either left or right-handed users. It also features an adjustable locking mechanism. Level I makes it a tension fit sheath. Level II makes it a fully locking sheath where the Scorpion will stay firmly in place until it needs to be deployed. Check out the graphic below for a full breakdown of the Scorpion Knife Tanto features …

First Tactical Scorpion Knife TantoFirst Tactical’s new knife retails for $39.99 and can be ordered online directly from their website. You can also pickup a Scorpion Knife Tanto for FREE during the month of March with any boot purchase. Click here for more details on the promo.

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