Report From The Range

First Tactical was the official clothing sponsor for this year's Industry Day at The Range preceding Shot Show 2017. 

Here are some of the things that stood out:

Springfield Armory:

(First Tactical Contributor Mike Blohm): The Springfield Saint was ridiculously smooth. It came to us dry, we oiled it twice, and it had no jamming or cycling issues after 8 hours of shooting; that was very impressive. 


(First Tactical Sales Manager John Liu) The XD 2.0 9mm with the 4" Barrel was really smooth and was such an impressive gun.


(First Tactical Contributor Adam Such): The noise cancellation allowed for normal conversation without straining. Very impressive ear protection. 

(First Tactical Lead Designer Cory Nykoluk) I used their ear pro all day and they ran all day. They were really comfortable even though I was wearing large frame sunglasses. The pressure on the size wasn't intrusive. I have problems wearing ear pro for long periods of time and these were perfect.


(First Tactical Lead Designer Cory Nykoluk): It was cool to step out of the box a little bit and see some of these exotic weapons you wouldn't see in the states. I shot an Uzi for the first time in my life and it was really interesting. It was weird to see a gun that has fallen to the way side a bit. The insane lack of accuracy was incredible.

(First Tactical Contributor Mike Blohm): One of the best booths at the show. I shot the suppressed Tavor in 300 blackout, it was amazingly smooth, it had the kickback of a .22.  


(First Tactical Director of Video Christian Camarena): The dual tubes allowed you to switch between loads for threat or task. See video below.  

Walther Arms:

(First Tactical Contributor Adam Such): The Walther Creed features traditional high-quality Walther craftsmanship that you've come to expect. Their weapons have been remanufactured for an amazing value. The Walther Creed was the best firearm I used on the Range today. The tightness and accuracy was unparalleled today. 

First Tactical:

Adam: The form and function was loved by the operators and shooters at the show. We featured our Hard Knuckle Gloves.

Cory: People were so excited to see the Tactix 0.5 Day and 3-Day, it was cool to see how excited they were to see the second wave of the Tactix Series. The Range Knife (coming soon) was a big hit as people saw the Optics Tool incorporated into the knife. Our new Wheeled Duffle Bag was well received and people enjoyed the weight of the product. Our new Defender Series is also highly anticipated. 

First Tactical Sales Manager John Liu: The number of people that had heard of First Tactical this year, compared to last year was exciting. Last year we were explaining to people who we were, this year people were showing up wearing our gear. 

First Tactical Digital Content Manager Cameron Moscozo: Hearing people so surprised at how much the line has grown in such a short time was awesome.  

Stay tuned for daily updates from Shot Show. 

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