The Science of Fit

Our philosophy is that your gloves should protect you from your work, but they shouldn't get in the way of your job. You shouldn't have to take them off to operate your firearm, write, type, or handle small items. They should be an extension of your fingers. To perform their best we believe they should be fit to your finger length, not your palm width. Palm width can vary based on diet, physical stature, injury or disease. Basing your glove size on palm width can greatly affect the fit of your gloves at your fingertips where you need it most. Through extensive research, countless hand measurements and overwhelming data analysis, we have found the exact ratios of palm length to body height and finger length to palm length. These ratios are not specific to gender or nationality. The bones of the human skeleton are genetically programmed to grow at a specific and consistent rate to the proportion of the body.     

Why do we size our gloves based on your height? Because you are reading this online, not in a store. Do you have a tape measure in your pocket? Probably not. We want you to try our gloves because we know you’ll like them. If you have any questions, our customer service team is happy to help.



If you’d like to verify that our glove will fit, here’s a simple test you can perform using nothing more than your hand and a dollar bill. Simply wrap the dollar bill around your middle finger as shown in the diagram, and find the corresponding letter on the left side of the bill in the chart:




We stand by the height method and the dollar bill method for measuring our gloves, but for those of you who just want to verify the numbers for yourselves (we get it) go ahead and use a tape measure. Find both the length from your wrist to the end of your middle finger (A) and from the end of your middle finger to where it meets your palm (B), then check where that puts you in the following size chart:


Now that you know which size to purchase, head out and find your new favorite glove today.

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