Are They Watching You?

There is an overarching theme in today’s world that the technology we use can be used to spy, watch, or infiltrate our lives.

One way in which cyber criminals target potential victims is through the webcam/camera that is on the computer or cell phone that you are most likely using to read this article.

We don’t want to get too “conspiracy theorist” but this is something that has happened in schools, government buildings, and business alike. So much so that even Mark Zuckerberg has taken steps to protect his privacy.

Some of the cost-effective ways to protect yourself from these types of things are incredibly easy fixes including disconnecting a webcam through your computer’s operating system, not connecting to the internet in unsafe areas, and covering the camera’s.

Featuring seven stickers of different shapes and sizes these stickers are the perfect “quick fix” allowing you to quickly cover the webcam when not in use. The stickers feature a low-residue back that allows users to remove the sticker without fear of lasting damage.

First Tactical was motivated by the latter to create an inexpensive product that was more ideal than taking a piece of duct tape and placing it over the camera, thus our Webcam Security Stickers were born. 

The Webcam Security Stickers are available now at and sell for $2.99.

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