Fighting Foot Funk

Everyone has that family member, friend, or coworker who can kick off their shoes and clear a room in seconds. That soul crushing stink that lingers for hours, sinks into furniture, and haunts your car for years to come.

The First Tactical Team spends quite a bit of time around wear tested footwear and wanted to provide some insight on ways for you(r partner) to combat foot odor that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of our favorites.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

The simplest way to battle boot-funk is to buy a pair of boots that breathes. Traditional tactical boots are built with thick layers of insulation that are designed to protect your foot while on the job but does not lend itself well to allowing airflow in and out of the boot. Modern tactical footwear incorporates breathable foam and airflow pockets that provide breathability without sacrificing the durability needed for the job.

Raid The Pantry

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer for removing smell and is an affordable option that requires minimum work. Simply fill your boot with baking soda before you go to bed and remove it before you put your boots back on. This can be done nightly and the baking soda can be reused but should be changed occasionally to maximize effectiveness.

Steal From The Cat

We are cat people here at First Tactical. Kitty litter is great for eliminating smells, simply fill a sock or napkin with the kitty litter, place in the boot. Would probably be best to keep your litter-filled shoes away from your cat however.

Enjoy A Spot Of Tee

Similar to the baking soda method a black tea bag contains tannins that fight odor causing bacteria. Simply boil the tea bag in water for 5-10 minutes, remove the tea bag and let it cool (enjoy the tea while you wait), place the bag in your boot and remove after a few hours. Remove the excess liquid and your boots will be good to go.

Grab A Cold One

Time to go Mr. Freeze on the boot smell. Take your boots and place them in a ziplock bag and throw them in the freezer overnight. The freezing temperatures will kill a majority of the odor causing bacteria. Decide the smell isn’t worth it? Serve the boots to your mother-in-law next time she comes over for dinner.

Buy A New Pair

We all have that friend who refuses to throw away their favorite pair of shoes. Sometimes you just have to let them go. Fortunately we have an awesome deal for you.


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