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Earth Day Tips

We at the First Tactical team would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Earth Day, and we hope that you spend sometime outside enjoying nature.

Being Eco-Friendly is something that is important to us as a team so we wanted to find a few easy ways in which everyone can be “greener” without completely altering your life.

1. B.Y.O….

Bringing your own items to some of your daily stops can actually have both a financial as well as environmentally friendly benefits.

We all have that drawer or cupboard designated for plastic bags in the house. Usually all those plastic bags are shoved inside one large plastic bag awaiting the next time you move or the dog has an accident on the floor. Just catch it. But many stores today offer a small discount for customers bringing in their own reusable bag. Ultimately you lose your “free garbage bags” but let’s pro/con the situation:

Pros: Plastic is bad for the environment, these bags help cut down on that.

Cons: No more “strong-manning” every bag you have into the house at once to avoid making a second trip.

Undecided: Playing Tetris in the grocery store with your items because you’re too proud to buy another reusable bag that you’ll just forget at home.

This was a new one for the team but many local coffee shops, including some of the biggest ones, will give customers discounts for bringing in their own mugs. They are going to be really surprised when we pull in with this.

2. Pass On The Bottle

It’s hard to write a “green” article without hitting on plastic multiple times but the world’s use of plastic bottles are definitely something to touch on.

The easy solution? Change to one of thousands of options that are available pretty much anywhere. Or you can wait until First Tactical launches theirs later in the year (cheap plug). You can also buy this amazing pouch (at an amazing price) to keep your bottle in. (cheaper plug). Americans use about 30 million plastic bottles a year. When you consider it takes more water to make a bottle than it does to fill it yours with cheap tap water you see the problem.

3. Pick Your Technological Battles

Technology has doomed as all as our screens will one day rise up and take control of us. But for now there are a few ways in which you can pick and choose some of your battles with technology in a way that is beneficial both to you and the environment:

Stairs v. Elevator: Nothing worth mentioning ever happens in an elevator. They’ve literally made shows dedicated to messing with people in elevators. Taking the stairs is great for your health, great for the environment, and gave us one of the greatest superhero scenes of all time.

Bills v. E-bill: This is definitely a “lose lose” but paying bills via snail mail is a dying concept. Setting up auto payments (a lifesaver if you’re forgetful) allows you to forgo even turning on your computer.

Laziness v. Sanity: There are currently 48 pre-approved credit cards, 19 home loan refinance documents, 8 pet insurance offers, and a newspaper filled with deals at the local grocery store in 95% of all U.S. mailboxes at this very moment. While the mailbox is about to burst the phone won’t stop going off with the world’s latest telemarketing fraud. A simple Google search (and 5 or so minutes of your time) can help eliminate some of these ongoing nuisances. Websites like this will eliminate your number from multiple telemarketing call lists, while this one will stop all of those credit cards from coming. With nearly 69 pounds of junk mail paper being used per American per year, this is an easy win-win.

4. Throw Some Shade:

A new (but somewhat kind of obvious one) for us is to shade your air conditioner. When the summer sun is beating down on your air conditioner, the unit works harder and wastes electricity. A quick shade, tarp, or tree (bonus points) helps save money when the summer months arrive.

5. A Green Death

Time to add a bit of levity to the blog by talking about death.

There are multiple ways to “go green” after your life has ended. Many companies have found ways to celebrate a person’s life in ways that are more personal than a traditional burial or cremation.

One option is have your cremated remains integrated into a reef or coral ball. You will be laid to rest in a location of your choice in a concrete structure and placed in the ocean. Eventually the marine life will begin to inhabit the structure and a coral reef will grow.

Another option is to become a tree with this modern system. You even get to choose what you become. Progression is another process in which human remains are used to create trees.

Have any eco-friendly tips/tricks? Email and let us know.