Holiday Home Protection

The Holiday Season tends to be one of the happier times of the year with food, family, and fun aplenty. Unfortunately, during this time crime also tends to rise as well.

From break-ins, to packages being stolen and vandalism tend to ruin the eggnog. So the team here at HQ wanted to find a few unconventional (sorry firearms and security systems) ideas that would make Santa think twice before sliding down your chimney.

Here are a few ways you can keep your house safe during the holidays:


Added surveillance is something that can even be a bit of a placebo thing. Take speed cameras for example, more and more cities switch to “fake cameras” in certain areas each year simply because they know that the presence of a camera tends to deter people from speeding. Even boxes that look like cameras can have that effect.

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Doorbell cameras are a hot new product that are incredibly helpful when it comes to having packages shipped during the holiday season. Many work on motion sensors that activate and record when someone comes to your front door. They are even responsible for the capture of the notorious “Tube Top Burglar” (eye-catching name but she’s not on the same level of the “Wet Bandits”).

Get Yourself An Early Gift:

As mentioned we will avoid security systems and firearms, but one gift ideal for protecting your home is getting a dog. Now as much as this generation wants to believe their Pomeranian can protect the house they probably aren’t cut out for the job. The list of great guard dogs is extensive and fluctuates from site to site but finding one that fits your family is vital. Visiting a local animal shelter (especially with children if you have them) is a great way to watch dogs interact with your family.  

Editor’s Note: My family grew up in a rough area in California’s Central Valley, one day (a few days before Christmas) a man entered through the front door in the middle of the night to find our Shar Pei / Chow mix in the living room. He ended up in the coat closet behind the front door until the police came. My father bought the dog one of those huge bones you get from the grocery stores the next day and gave him a giant plate of prime rib on Christmas.

Use Common Sense When Disposing Of Boxes

The day after Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year for hard working sanitation crews due to the amazing amount of waste Christmas produces. It is also a busy day for criminals who scout houses taking note of what boxes are by the trash can.

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Throwing out boxes of the gifts you received on the big day act as an advertisement on “what’s inside” to potential-robbers. It can also indicate “class-level”: a 60” big-screen TV, Playstation 4, and Keurig Coffee maker box on the street after Christmas can definitely hint that there are more high-priced items inside the house. Taking the boxes down to a recycling center is both an environmentally-responsible and safe way to dispose of the mass of boxes after the holidays.

Go Full Kevin McCallister

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The “Home Alone” Documentary (don’t call it a fictional movie) chronicles the plight of a young boy left home alone while burglars plan to break into his family’s house. Throughout the ordeal Kevin McCallister showcases great ways in which one can protect their house including:


    Merry Christmas and Keep The Change You Filthy Animals,


    -The First Tactical Blog Team


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