Hollywood's Best L.E. Facial Hair

The “boys in blue” boast a beautiful bounty of bushy beardsmen whose bewhiskered faces are broadcasted across the nation. But we mustache you a question... who wears it best? 

(Editor's Note: Some links in this article contain content that may be unsuitable for children)

The Traditionalist









Magnum P.I.

You have to give credit to a mustache that spans generations. From this point forward the First Tactical team will no longer use the term “aging like a fine wine,” we have adopted “aging like Tom Selleck’s mustache.”

Super Troopers

Starting right meow we are going to talk about Super Troopers. Haven’t seen it? Hurry up meow and get out there and watch it.

These glorious syrup strainers exude confidence and swagger. Throughout this movie they sit atop their wearer’s face like a kitten meowing softly. From meow till the end of time this scene (watch it meow) will be one of our favorites in “mustache badassery”. From “I am all that is man” to “So much of my authority is derived from my power right here,” you won’t find a better mustache-centric scene.

The Bad Cop Look




Want to find the bad cop in a movie? Find the guy that has added a goatee to his mustache. 90% chance his morals are flawed and he has an evil smile saved for the climactic portion of the film.

From the late, great Alan Rickman to the man King Kong has nothing on, you have to include some of Hollywood’s bad apples to the list.

The Beard







The bearded cop look begins and ends with Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead took a few seasons to really mold this beauty into the work of art that it was. This beard was the perfect balance of form and function. From rain catcher to zombie blood sponge this beard was set to live on into the apocalypse. 

And then just like that it was gone. Leaving a huge hole in our hearts as Rick shaved his beloved beard in Season 5.

Rest on thy sheaves Rick’s Beard. Thy harvest work is done.

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