Hollywood's Best L.E. Facial Hair: Volume 2

Due to the success of original “Hollywood’s Best L.E. Facial Hair” article, the team wanted to take some of the suggestions we received and create a second edition to “Hollywood’s Best L.E. Facial Hair”.


Al Pacino’s “Serpico”

-Sent in by Torin Hill, First Tactical friend and Master Instructor at TORIS.

The line for “BA facial hair” starts behind Al Pacino's Serpico. Chuck Norris's beard has nightmares about Serpico’s. This is the type of facial hair that only comes from high levels of testosterone, beer, and cigars. Just watch Pacino go crazy on this guy for a few seconds and tell us you wouldn’t be at least a little intimidated.

Pacino’s beard in Serpico was so good it was nominated for an Oscar while Pacino himself had to settle for a Supporting Actor nod.  

Honorable Mention: Jeff Bridges in True Grit. Just a great western movie with some awesome facial hair.



Jackie Gleason's Sheriff Buford T.  Justice

-Sent in by John M.

So. Many. Questions. Did Jackie Gleason have the top nine-tenths of his lip waxed? Or did it just grow like this? When Sheriff Justice said his  “Where are you, you sumbitch?” was he talking to his ‘stache?

That is the pencil-iest pencil mustache of all time. These words are thicker than that ‘stache. This is the perfect model for pencil mustaches around the world to follow, and like many models it borders on the “too thin” line.

All-in-all Gleason’s work is a trip to see as it is filled with humor that is typically shunned in today’s world. From the oft-used “yo mama” jokes to that southern-toughness made famous by the Dukes of Hazzard it’s definitely worth a watch.



Tombstone and the Handle Bar Mustache

-Sent in by Russ M. and Ben S.

In today’s world the handlebar mustache has lost a great deal of the “cool” factor that Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott, and Val Kilmer gave it in “Tombstone”.   The handlebar mustache is one of those things that was completely ruined by the latest generation.

Gone are the days where bad mouthing someone with a handlebar ‘stache would get you double tapped by a pair of Colt .45 Peacemakers. Most handlebars can be found in trendy coffee shops now yelling at fellow patrons about the pros/cons of veganism.

Irregardless, Tombstone should be on the top of your “Movie’s Everyone Should See” list.  

Also, rest in peace to the legendary Bill Paxton.


George Clooney’s Bob Barnes, Syriana

There was some debate about including Clooney on this list, simply because people just can’t forgive the man who almost ruined Batman.

Clooney’s beard in this movie is more full than a Batman-issued debit card. It stands out like a Bat-nip. The movie itself is missable as it has more plot holes than hole-y rusted metal and the story bounces around like a person on a brontosaurus slide.

That Batman movie was unforgivable

Who did we miss? Email Editor@FirstTactical.com and let us know your favorite Hollywood L.E. Facial Hair.

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