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Which MRE Is For Me?

Recently we received a package at HQ that featured a bevy of MREs. Beyond excited, we rounded up a few members of the First Tactical crew for a taste test.

In order to get a diverse taste bud group we grabbed First Tactical’s Lead Designer Cory Nykoluk, our FT Blog editor, and two members from our amazing eCommerce team.

Considering most of this crew consists of office dwellers, who only eat MREs on sporadic camping trips, we wanted to take a moment to thank all service members who eat MREs daily while sacrificing home cooked meals protecting our country.

We decided (stupidly) to try the MREs both cold and warm in order to simulate some type of camping/survival experience in which you didn’t have fire (don’t be that person).

Admittedly, this is more entertaining the worse the MRE is so please send in your “Worst MRE Flavor” to and we can review in another edition of “Which MRE Is For Me?”

Beef Ravioli In Meat Sauce

(Photo taken from Google)


“A Poor Man’s Chef Boyardee” is the best way to describe this. There is a weird blend of Italian flavor and chemicals that kind of overpowers everything else. The beef was dry enough to overpower the actual sauce and gave you really bad cotton mouth. The head of our eCommerce team (a self-proclaimed “boujee b”) immediately spit out his bite and used “repugnant” to describe his experience. Vegans are the worst.


Vegetarian Taco Pasta

(Photo taken from Google)


If looks could kill amirite? This one split the group a little as half were okay with this and the others couldn’t do it. For the half that wasn’t a fan we quickly discovered that “fake meat” is much better than “fake veggies”. There was a sour bean dip consistency to the MRE that made it seem like something was off. The half that enjoyed it found it “less chemically” than the others and felt like they were eating a tomato (salsa heavy) bean dip. Overall, you almost have to judge a book by it's cover here. Tell me this doesn’t remind you of “The Return of The Dead” Brainsss.   

Chicken Burrito Bowl

(Photo taken from Google)


The term “alright for an MRE” is definitely in play here and this was easily the best packet we tried in our first go. Nearly the entire group “enjoyed” it minus one person (guess who?). First off, visually this MRE was easily the most appealing and tasted like leftover Mexican food from a subpar Mexican restaurant. Almost like eating Taco Bell without the fear/guilt/shame/depression. Naturally #TeamVegan had some problems, everything from appearance “what my dog deposits after eating Spaghetti-O’s” to taste, “what is a word stronger than disgusting?”, when in truth this was some Tapatío and a corn tortilla away from a decent lunch.


What should we try next? Send your suggestions to and let us know.