While The Cleaning Supplies Are Out

While you have the cleaning supplies out this weekend, don't forget to give some love to your firearm.

Here are a few tips for you spring cleaners.

First Things First

Make sure your firearm isn’t loaded (looking at you NFL players A, B, and C). Sounds like the most obvious eye rolling thing but we’ve all seen the news headlines of someone accidentally shooting themselves because their firearm was loaded.

Don’t Be Too Proud

Ever spend hours trying to assemble IKEA furniture because you’re too proud to read an instruction manual? Us either we are just asking for a friend…

Luckily most modern firearms are simple enough to assemble and disassemble however if cleaning a new gun, Jason Hanson at Beretta Blog stresses reading the manual if it’s been a while, “The last thing you want to do is bend a part because you’re forcing something when the gun should come apart easily.”

That Time Of The Month

We asked around the office to see what things people do once a month; you had the usual mortgage, haircut, and deep clean the house to the more unusual waxing of legs (came from both male and female coworkers) and starting a new toothbrush (this is the craziest of them all, if you change your toothbrush once a month there is a 98% percent chance you’re a serial killer),

Among the things you should do at least once a month is clean your firearm. If you shoot often a “quick clean” weekly is fine and do a full detailed cleaning once a month. Didn’t shoot that month? Clean it anyways and then feel guilty about not practicing.

Know Your Poison

Most of the firearm owners here just buy the “over the counter” cleaners you get at the gun store. But it seems like the internet is filled with crazy concoctions or Walter White-esque laboratory experiments for cleaning different types of firearms. Here’s where the difference between handgun cleaning and rifle cleaning comes into play a bit. Rifle shooters tend to clean their firearms to OCD-like levels with a variety of different home-remedies, while pistol cleaning is more straightforward. To each their own but experimentation should be well researched and proven before put into action.

Protect Those Eyes

Ever get cleaner in your eyes? Ever have a rouge spring attack your orbitals? Zero fun.

Spread The Love

Don’t forget your magazines. Take a rag with a little lube on the feed lips and follower will suffice.

Let It Breathe

Don’t end up like this guy. While most of the truly noxious solvents have gone the way of lead paint, even the more environmentally friendly chemicals still require adequate ventilation.


Ultimately the purpose of a firearm is to protect oneself so maintaining it should be of utmost importance.

Be safe and happy cleaning.

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