A Setting For
Every Situation

Never a beam too bright or too dim, the Medium Duty Light has a setting that will work well for every need.


The brightest beam of any First Tactical flashlight at 274 lumen, which lasts 3.75 hours. Ideal for indoor and close proximity outdoor situations.

274 Lumens
3.75 Hour Runtime


The dimmest setting at 16 lumen provides basic illumination for up to 165 hours. Ideal for using a map and low visibility situations.

16 Lumens
165 Hour Runtime

Bungee Finger Lanyard

Tethered for hands-on engagement.

Reversible Clip

Reversible clip works in forward and reverse positions.

Dual Lugs

Large and small lugs allow firm grip with gloved or ungloved hand.

Dual Bezel

Depending on the scenario at hand, switch from flat to strike bezel.

Strike Bezel

Switch to strike bezel for emergency or close quarter needs.

Regular Bezel

Regular flat bezel for normal use.

  • Medium Duty Light

  • Small Duty Light