Men’s Medium Duty Padded Glove

Style: 150005

Price: $42.99

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Men’s Medium Duty Padded Glove
Men’s Medium Duty Padded Glove

Men’s Medium Duty Padded Glove

Style: 150005

Price: $42.99

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  • Product Details

  • In the world of tactical gloves, First Tactical’s Medium Duty Padded Glove is ahead of the pack, offering protection and durability without sacrificing mobility. Expect control and comfort with full range of motion to carry out even fine motor tasks, and be prepared for any scenario that comes your way.

  • Specifications

    • Machine washable goatskin palm
    • Midweight, snagproof, stretch woven materials for precision fit and professional appearance
  • Innovative Features

  • Foam Knuckle Padding

    Closed cell, perforated foam offers bacteria resistant ventilation, while keeping your knuckles sufficiently guarded and nimble.

    Washable Goatskin Palm

    When soiled, simply launder, air dry, and wear again for long-term utility.

    TouchTac Finger Construction

    Revolutionary fingertip engineering gives you a better fit for even greater efficiency and performance, with a seamless wrap-around index finger design that is touchscreen friendly and more sensitive than ever before.

  • Care Instructions

    • Machine wash cold
    • Do not bleach
    • Line dry
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry clean

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4.6 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
Garett from Northern California on Jan 09, 2017
These gloves are great. I've been wearing them daily in the cold
weather we've had lately. So far, I'd guess they have been through twenty or more shifts and probably fifteen hours of range time. The fit is excellent. I was surprised at the height measurement for glove fit but it's spot on. I'm impressed with the sensitivity during weapon manipulation for both handgun and rifle drills. The curved gusset in the web between the thumb and index finger makes a bigger difference than I expected in comfort and feel.

Overall, my initial impressions are positive. I'm very picky about
gloves and generally cut the trigger finger tips off for feel. With these, I can maintain accurate shot placement without cutting the fingers. The palm material also seems to have a tacky feel that really grips well with damp firearms. It also seems to add grip when dealing with combative/struggling individuals.
Glenn from Bay Area on Oct 19, 2016
Great gloves very comfortable but still allow manipulation of small objects. The backs of the glove have a slight padding to protect the hands...... Only downfall is that they fingertips aren't touch screen compatible, I can't use my phone or touch computer screen in my vehicle with them on.
Jeff from IMPD Indianapolis on Oct 15, 2016
I got these because they are made from goatskin, which I am familiar with as my favorite motorcycle gloves are also made from it. They have not disappointed. After three months of daily wear, two washings and countless hand sanitizer applications, the still look and feel new.
Rich S. from Manchester, NH on Dec 21, 2015
These gloves are fantastic. Excellent grip, comfortable fit, and awesome watch-friendly wrist band!
The gloves I recieved were great except the stitiching on the left thumb was a bit off, going down the side of my thumb print rather than the top. After wearing them more and more, it got annoying. I would have exchanged but they have clearly been worn.
Still, they take a beating and are very comfortable. Thousands of rounds later, from every position, they held up and protected my digits. Great job.
Joel S. from Chico, CA on Nov 07, 2015
A well designed glove with many of the features of more expensive brand. The palm and bottom of the fingers are very tactile and allow manipulation of small objects. The backs of the glove have a slight padding making these a functional glove for everyday use. The gloves are light enough to fit in my pants pocket until I need them without even noticing they are there, but robust enough in design to provide protection to my hands when worn.
John S from Bay Area on Oct 15, 2015
Great all around glove. Was very surprised/impressed at the feel of the glove. I could still manipulate all of the tools on my duty belt with ease.
tnutall from Knightdale, NC on Oct 13, 2015
I was worried about the fit and comfort but was greatly surprised that they felt good on my hands.