Tactix 0.5-Day Backpack

Style: 180036

Price: $229.99

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Tactix 0.5-Day Backpack

Style: 180036

Price: $229.99

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Sleek, Efficient, And Compact

  • Product Details

  • This sturdy half-day back features our innovative Lynx™ Laser Cut Platform (compatible with MOLLE/PALS), and Hook & Hang Thru™ compartment, which exponentially increases organization options. Among compact tactical backpacks, the Tactix 0.5-Day Backpack leaves its competition in the back of the pack.

  • Specifications

    • Main Compartment: 11” L x 18” H x 6” D / 27.9cm L x 45.7cm H x 15.2 cm D
    • Back Hook and Hang Pocket: 11” L x 18” H x 1” D / 27.9cm L x 45.7cm H x 2.5 cm D
    • Top Front Dump Pocket: 9” L x 4.25” H x 1” D / 22.9cm L x 10.8 cm H x 2.5cm D
    • CCW Pocket: 9” L x 13” H x 0” D / 22.9cm L x 33.0 cm H x 0cm D
    • Front Admin Pocket: 9” L x 12.5” H x 1.5” D / 22.9cm L x 31.8cm H x 3.8cm D
    • Front L Pockets (x2): 4.25” L x 12” H x 0.75” D / 10.8cm L x 30.5cm H x 1.9cm D
    • Approx. Capacity: 1670 cubic inches / 27.4 liters
    • Weight: 3.85 lbs / 1.74 kg
    • Pockets: 9 external, 19 internal
    • 500D/1000D water resistant nylon
    • YKK® zippers
    • Duraflex® hardware
  • Innovative Features

  • Lynx™ Laser Cut Platform Compatible with MOLLE/PALS

    A new take on the traditional web platform offers twice the mounting positions and tests 20% stronger than that of other tactical bags. Two layers of 500D nylon fabric are laminated together for extra strength with a low profile, while our laser cut slat system is both strong and smart, and offers twice the usable loops to position additional gear.

    First Tactical’s Hook and Hang Thru™ System

    Ingenious Hook and Hang Thru™ System compartment unzips top and bottom, allowing specialized items like First Tactical Rifle Sleeves or other oversized tactical gear or hanging items to slide through and securely hook & hang in place.

    Removable Compression Straps

    Completely repositionable or removable straps allow optimal personalization of your pack.

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4.5 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Robert from NC on Jun 28, 2018
Purchased a Tactix 0.5 day pack. Coolest one I've ever owned! Perfect size and even packed solid...it's easy to wear. I was a Maxpedition fan for the longest time and own several, but find that the Tactix bag is just a solid notch above all of them...all the way around...period. It's my go-to EDC bag now, and I plan to pick up more soon. If you're on the fence...don't be. Just get it, you won't be disappointed.

Felipe from London, UK on May 31, 2018
Bought this bag back in March/18 in order to replace my 9 years old Black Diamond pack as my main EDC pack. I use it every day from home to work and at least once a month on big weekend hikes in the wild.

What motivated me to buy this particular bag was:
1- Overall volume of the bag
2- Materials and construction. (500D & 1000D)
3- MOLLE webbing
4- Removable waist belt
5- Functionality

- Perfect size for an EDC bag and that's easy to carry in crowded buses or subway. Removable waist belt means that in crowded places, there's nothing sticking out of the backpack hitting people around.
- Comfortable for light carrying weights (
Jeremy from TX on Dec 23, 2017
I ordered this bag thinking it was going to be too big for what I wanted, but I knew the Half-day would be too small. This bag is awesome. So awesome I ordered it again when my truck was broken into when my first one was stolen. I'm a Type 1 diabetic and use this as a medical bag, EDC bag, and carry my "dad" supplies. I'm also a business owner, and coming out of the 5.11 Rush Lima (a messenger style) it was an easy transition. I carry everything from documents to diapers in this thing. So many pockets, easy organization, and just a well thought out bag. I'm a pocket kind of guy, and there are no shortages of pockets on this thing. I did lots of research before buying, tons of YouTube videos, and was really hesitant about dropping the dollars for this thing. Well, I've done it, twice, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for making a quality bag First Tactical!
Mr. G from JK on Dec 01, 2017
I bought this pack in Coyote from Indonesia's dealer for First Tactical, very good service from the guy there (Mr. Fred). I was very stoked to see the pack's color, it's a very muted coyote brown. This pack has great organization options - the front area has 4 separate pockets (2 "mag" pockets side by side, 1 decently sized admin pocket, and 1 "CCW" pocket which I use for documents), but it is kind of difficult to figure out how to adjust the position of the shoulder straps (I didn't even know they can be adjusted for height before I watched a few YT vids of the bigger 1-day and 3-day Tactix packs). However since I am slightly taller than average at 5'11" and the pack is not that long, the stock setting of the straps is already very comfortable, the weight of the pack load still rests on the top of my hip bones and I like this. I suspect this is due to the frame sheet which is very rigid compared to similar offerings from other brands but will still conform to the shape of my back. The pack will stand on its own even with almost nothing inside it, which I'm a little OCD about. Also despite being named a half day pack it is 25+ liters and I have managed to load 3 days' worth of clothes plus a 14" laptop, a bunch of cables, small electronics, toiletries, a few magazines and food into it by rolling all the clothes Ranger style. Plus of course the whole pack is covered in PALS webbing which significantly increases the config possibilities with MOLLE pouches of all shapes and sizes. If you have one of those hook backed organizer panels you can easily attach them to the loop wall inside the main compartment, and 2 lightweight hook backed mesh pouches are included by FT (they originally hang on opposite of the loop wall of the main compartment). These are good for toiletries, cables, and other small sundry items. I will not babble on about all the features because they are virtually identical to the bigger Tactix packs only differing in being smaller. I'd say this is a perfect all-around pack and I plan to use it for day hikes, short camping, commuting/EDC and all kinds of trips. The size is also perfect for air travel carry-on luggage.
HaarB from Singapore on Nov 29, 2017
I get this pack as an EDC and for the regular weekend trip with the kids. This replaced the 5.11 AHP which I was using. I must say the pack is very very well built and designed. I am impressed. Being a tactical pack, it hold it task well as a pack for rugged outdoor activities. Its also slick enough for daily commute, with my laptop, files and electronics gadgets. There is definitely enough organisation for the little things like thumb drive, cables etc. Which is wonderful. I love pockets.

I placed the laptop in the back sleeve and at there position, it does not need additional sleeve. However, I realized that the back sleeve cannot double up as a hydration area. It will be good it there is a hook or something. and to make the zip with double zipper pull.

The laser cut platform make the pack look unique and in a way sexy. But will suggest that the lowest row on the side and small front pouch be omitted. Due to the shape of the pack, they will stick out oddly.

The long pouch in front of the admin pocket will be better if placed at the side of the pack. The long sleeve if placed with bottle or notebooks, gloves etc make it difficult to access the admin pouch.

One thing I must say, the harness is perfect, comfortable, and highly adjustable. very rare with pack this size. A bit overkill thou.
As for the handle on the top of the harness, i don't really know whats its for.

There is a lot of attention to details in the design, like the zipper pull right at the bottom of the back sleeve is "lock" and secure within the laser cut platform so that one don't accidentally pull it and cause the items (my laptop!!) to drop.
The side handle has elastic to hold it down so that it dont stick out like my ears. And most large pockets has small sleeve, for better organisation and you dont lose your small items inside.

Overall its the best pack i had. Definitely no regret.
SB from Wyoming on Oct 24, 2017
I bought this pack to replace another pack I had been using for a few years. I like organization and as a mobile therapist, I have a lotof things that I carry with me. This is the most organized, well built pack I have ever seen. While I am not military or law enforcement, this bag fits my needs better than any of the other packs I’ve tried.
Dave Isaacs from Israel on Oct 05, 2017
I bought this pack for police patrol work and the quality is fantastic. This is certainly going to stand up to the rigors of being thrown around in the vehicle. I apeciate the grey interior which makes it easier to see the contents. It could even be a touch lighter for me. There was no instructions with the pack and some features are not immediately clear. How to move the clips on the compression straps, where if at all the water bladder goes etc. Didn’t find these and other answers on the web site either. The pack when loaded is comfortable after adjusting the straps however, again, it’s not obvious that it’s possible to adjust the straps inside the back panel. One thing I didn’t like is the laser molle on the small pocket at the top of the pack at the back, because of the curve of the pouch, they don’t sit right and look messy. It certainly doesn’t effect the functionality of the pack but needs a re-design or removing entirely. I’m looking forward to using the pack over the months and years to come. I think we’re going to get on just fine!
Sara from WY on Sep 07, 2017
When I ordered this bag, I seriously debated on whether or not to get the half day or one day. I ordered the half day & am super impressed. I had a 38L bag by The North Face that I replaced with this bag, but because it is so well organized & the main compartment is so spacious, all my stuff fits. The padded straps are very comfortable & distribute the weiggt well. The only reason this bag doesn't get 5 stars from me is because I would like a water bottle pocket that was built into the bag that would fit my 40oz Hydro flask